Firstly thank you for taking the first step to making a huge positive change in your life! 


A lot of people have asked how much this program is. 


It’s free, all I ask for is your time, hard work and dedication. 


The next question I get is… “whats the catch?”.


There is no catch, Totum is a clothing brand but from the day I created it I wanted it to make a positive impact on peoples fitness journeys and lives. 


In January we started #TotumPerformance and have built an amazing fitness culture of hardworking, focused individuals since then.


Since then and over the last two blocks of training we have had some absolutely unbelievable results and transformations.


The training programs are proven for success if you are willing to put in the work. 


We have a goal to help 100,000 people reach their fitness goals, we can only do that by you being committed to the workouts, achieving amazing results and spreading the world. 



Thank you for being apart of the culture and the movement.




  • SQUAT DAY - While everyone is fighting for the bench press we will be hitting some heavy weights in the squat rack!


  • UPPER - We will be hitting a full upper body workout but it will be mainly focused around pressing movements.


  • DEADLIFT DAY - BACK lifting the BIG weights, a Wednesday will be a mixture of different deadlift styles (always starting with a standard deadlift) and hamstring work. 


  • COMPLEX DAY - BIG LIFTS x ENDURANCE. A complex is a mixture of two or more exercises put together back to back with no rest, each Thursday we will start the workout with a different type of complex. 


  • LOWER - A more intense lower workout focused less on weight and more on volume.



The programs are constructed with strength training, functional movements, bodybuilding and high intensity interval training. I have built this program from a combination of all the knowledge from all of our athletes and knowledge I have gained over the last 10 years.


This mixture of exercises and training styles creates the best opportunity of big gains by keeping it fresh, fun, time efficient. You have the chance to build muscle and drop your body fat percentage while increasing your range of movement and work capacity. 

It’s not going to be easy but it will be worth it!




As you’ve seen today the workout will be split 20/40/40.


  • 20% Strength - focusing on the big lifts, deadlift, bench press, squats and olympic lifting.


  • 40% Hypertrophy - Focused on muscle building in a bodybuilding style. In this section of the workout (usually B) & C)) there will be a ‘circuit’ of two/three exercises, you will complete these exercises one after another similar to a superset/triset but you need to focus on form and not speed. If you need to take some rest after an exercise so that you are able to complete the next with the correct form then do so!


  • 40% Conditioning - This is where you put yourself in that dark place and go to your max!! Lets wake your CNS up and put it to work! 



Day 1, 2 & 3 are going to be testing days, make sure you note down your weights on the first exercise and your times on the finishers and then we will finish the first week with two full body workouts. 


The final week we will do the same but with two BIG days where you will be put into the pain cave to finish!



If you have any more questions please send them through to the #TotumPerformance WhatsApp and don’t forget to tag us in your training posts on Instagram!