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Posted on June 11 2018

Designer Blog

Blood, sweat, tears, and a load of R&D! 

I have put a lot into creating the Totum Movement line, I wanted to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the market. Training clothing in 2018 can’t only look good, athlete’s have to be able to train like they aren't wearing anything, restrictive and none-breathable. 

Yes, it took 12 months and a lot of back and fourth with samples but lets face it, thats what it takes to do it right and create innovative products. 

In everything we do at Totum HQ we are always looking to build upon previous ideas to make training as unrestricted and fashionable as possible. It's in our DNA!

Here is a behind the scenes look at how I designed the products that are ready to take the industry into a new generation.



 At the core of innovation is always assessment of what is already in the market and this left me asking the question, how can I create an outfit that is more than an outfit?



 It has taken 12 months; longer than I expected, but along the way I have picked up a lot of experience and now I wouldn’t have a design period any shorter. During those 12 months, every single aspect of an outfit was thoughtfully considered, sampled, tested, and modified until perfected. 

One concept that was decided early on in the design journey was that we didn’t want to bring out single products, we wanted to release outfits. Athletes put so much work into training and into how they look and feel. In today’s society, with the likes of Instagram, you need to look your best at all times. I wanted it to be as easy as possible for individuals to make their outfit decision. That later developed into the full collection of the two outfits being interchangeable, so you have 7-8 options. 





I focused on what we already had when designing the hoody. Our black evolution hoody has by far been our most popular product and it’s what I’ve found has had the most positive feedback and reviews. We took the concept of a hoody that can be used both in and out the gym. 


Functionality. Durability. Style. 

Functionality - the unrestricted stretch for when you are going ass to grass on your squats.

Durability - that last drag up your quads when pulling a deadlift.

Style - to make you look unbelievable on your next Instagram PB video!

The shorts are the most commonly worn and the most used item in your outfit, and you need them to work for you!



A T-shirt NEEDS to be expertly fitted, light and breathable.

A well designed tee will help you unleash your ultimate performance training potential and help you stay more focused on your workout! 

Never let your tee hold back your potential!

Check out all the new #TotumMovement collection here

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